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µBrain is a simple perceptron library for the Arduino. It expects all training to take place offline. The library implements a single neuron which can be used to perform basic classification tasks. If you want to perform offline training, I strongly recommend using Brain.js to get the neural weights.

Warning: This library is meant for use in the Arduino and as such contains no memory protection, use it at your own risk.


– Small size ~28 lines of code.

– Simple code, easy to learn from.

– Fixed point arithmetic.

– Plays well with µSpeech 4.1.1+.

API Documentation



nueron(int numinp, int weights[]);

  • numinp : Number of inputs for given nueron
  • weights[]: Weights for given nueron

int run(int *inputs);

  • *inputs : Input data

Output of nueron.

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