I am a student of Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Human Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Bengali
  • Spanish

Check out my Github profile: github.com/arjo129


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Arjo, I came across your uspeech library for the arduino board. Kudos on that. Brilliant work. I have a small problem that i have encountered. I tried to use the debug uspeech program on my arduino mega 2560, however the board gives no response. The serial com shows the calibrating and rest of the details, however when i press and of the keys and send it to the mega2560, i get no response.
    I am using an electret condenser microphone i made using he LM358. It works well with the servomotor control program, however the debug_uspeech program is not helping.
    Could you guide me on where i am going wrong?

    Nirbhay Tandon

    • Hi Mr. Tandon,
      Revert to version 4.1.1. I have yet to write documentation for 4.2.x series.
      I have heard similar issues with the debug_uspeech sketch for 4.1.2+. I unfortunately am going through my school finals at this point so, it will take me some time to look into the issues.
      Arjo Chakravarty

  2. Hi Arjo,

    actually i am trying to do a car robot moving whith voice commands (Forward, Backward and Stop), i am facing some issues by extracting the Phonemes of these 3 keywords. It would be greate if u could provide me with the related phonemes strings for these keywords (Forward, Backward and Stop)


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