Regarding µSpeech 4.1.2+

Dear Users of µSpeech library,
With the release of the 4.2.alpha library I have been reciveing a lot of mail as to how the debug µSpeech program does not work. I sincerely, apologize for this inconvenience as I have very little time on hand to address the issues associated with 4.1.2+ and 4.2.alpha. I realized that I had made the error of not flagging 4.1.2 as a pre-release: I have fixed this now. I also realized that the documentation that I have on youtube is back dated I will be addressing this as soon as possible.

If anyone has the time and is willing to look into why debug_uspeech is giving trouble, please feel free to create a pull request on github. Due to the fact that I am currently going through my school finals, I am unable to devote the time required to address this issue. Please revert back to µSpeech 4.1.1.

Sincere Apologies,

Arjo Chakravarty


P.S. If you wish to play with 4.2.alpha then there is a copy of the original debug uSpeech here:


2 thoughts on “Regarding µSpeech 4.1.2+

  1. Hey.
    Any update on the uspeech library? Also it would be helpful if you update the pdf. I am trying to do something with your library but I am unable to define my own words for it. I followed the github procedure yet I have not been able to see any light.


  2. HI.
    I had issues with 4.2 however when I removed this line analogReference(EXTERNAL); from debug_uSpeech.ino I was able to get readings from A0

    Not sure if this will help

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