The “Lazy” Keyword

Javascript sharp has learnt to procrastinate. The lazy keyword is a new keyword introduced into JS#. It enables lazy loading (i.e the determination of the variable is procrastinated). This means that the variable will only be computed when the value is used. An example would probably be easier to understand.
var auto n = 9+3
document do write n .

Would compile to :
var n = 9+3

Where as using lazy instead of var would look like this:
lazy n = 9+3
document do write n .

this would translate to:


Currently the lazy keyword is buggy and would only support the following syntax lazy [variable name] = [javascript expression]


Personal project ends – Javascript sharp

My personal project has come to an end. I have created my own device for pulse reading. I know I have not posted for sometime, this is mainly due to the fact that wordpress is blocked in china. I am currently using a free VPN to access this blog. I will now be diverting my attention to more interesting things including my new programming language named Javascript sharp. The programming language is available on github. The compiler is written in python and churns out javascript. The language adds an easy to use type based variable declaration system along with type inference to make the most beautiful programming language. It has a class keyword with extends.

class foo extends car {

This makes creating complex objects much easier than using javascript. The Language also avoids using too many symbols. This makes it very easy to learn. I have removed brackets where possible.

if i == 3 {

I have also made it easier to declare a function via the function keyword.

function print x, y, z {

Curly braces still exist because indentation is very imprecise and “end” is just to much writing. Javascript sharp also adds support for public and private variables. In the future changes section one will notice I have added a large number of potential features that will be worked on. The one which will be implemented first will be the lazy keyword.