First meeting with supervisor

Today I met my supervisor for my personal project about the pulse meter. I discussed with her my aim, guiding question and product. We discussed what I was going to do over the summer. Over the summer I am to develop a rudimentary device that I can use to collect the pulse and study correlations between various things. I am also to complete background research so that when I come back from holiday I am ready to go fully into the study of correlations. I will also finish the specifications by the end of the holidays. The next meeting with my supervisor will be on the week of 5th august.

Things to be completed over the summer (June 14th-September 14th):

  1. Build a rudimentary device that can be used for researching and recording pulse and correlations between the pulse and other factors.
  2. Complete most background research.
  3. Come up with a rough specifications draft.

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