Sparrow 112 and Rex 1

Over the weekend, I and my younger brother built 2 mini-planes. I have an intent on putting light weight engines on these currently gliders. The sparrow 112 is like any other plane, it has straight wings and a tail much like a modern airliner. In the front it has a nose cone with loads of play-doh stuck on to increase it weight. The motor of the sparrow 112 will be located inside the fuselage. Its specifications are as follows.

Sparrow 112

  • Wing span: 45cm
  • Fuselage Length: 35cm
  • Fuselage Height: 5cm
  • Wing type: Straight
  • Tail stabilizer: 18cm
  • Fuselage width: 6cm
  • Tail fin height: 5cm
  • Engine: Compressed Air / none
The other mini-plane we built is Rex 1.  Rex 1 is a delta wing craft that is very light weight. It is kind of like a flying wing. The rex 1 will use ducted fans that are hidden in the fuselage section. Rex 1 also has its direction control inside the fuselage.
Rex 1
  • Wing span: 30cm
  • Fuselage Length: 15cm
  • Fuselage Height: 4cm
  • Wing type: Delta
  • Tail stabilizer: 18cm
  • Fuselage width: 4cm
  • Tail fin height: none
  • Engine: Ducted electric fan / none

Compared with sparrow 111, Rex 1 does show better performance in all areas. However, sparrow 111 is larger in size. These planes can be fitted with payloads. 


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